Clients & Projects


by Viktoria Åström 


My very own Childrens book, written and illustrated by me and published by Idus, Spring 2023.

Available for purchase here.

Sleep Cycle


Illustrations for articles on sleep related topics for Sleep Cycle.

Sleep Cycle is an app where you can track your sleep. Find out more and read a lot of interesting articles (some of them) illustrated by me here.

Lake Coloring

Viktoria Åström


I'm working together with Lake as one of their artists providing drawings for their colouring app. Available on appstore.




A course on carving created by me together with Domestika, 2022.

Learn how to carve a collection of handmade rubber stamps to print multiple compositions.

You will find the course "Carved Stamps for Illustrated Compositions" here.




Written by Helene Olaison and illustrated by Viktoria Åström. Learn how to play the piano, for children.

La Red



Written by Lara H.R Lamagrande and illustrated by Viktoria Åström. Childrensbook published in Spain 2018 by Siesta.

Ordflätor 2



Written by Maria Utbult and illustrated by Viktoria Åström. Crosswords for young children.

Selected Clients

Natur & Kultur, Idus, Sleep Cycle, Touchnote, Siesta, Lake Coloring, Musikskolan, Storyworld, Good Practice, Superbra, Betapedagog, Harcourt Education, Sluggerfilm, Pearson Education, Ranelid Reklambyrå, Meta Film, Cartoon Network, Channel 4, Nickelodeon among others.